Your Custom 7 Day Workout Plan



Welcome to Your Custom 7 Day Workout Plan
Finding the right exercises to fit your personal fitness needs can be challenging. We have different abilities, limitations, accessibilities and lifestyles that make us all unique. This is where our Custom 7 Day Workout Plan comes in which is tailored specifically for you and designed around your own health and fitness goals.

What Is “Your Custom 7 Day Workout Plan”?
“Your Custom 7 Day Workout Plan” is a custom exercise plan (One Time Purchase Per Plan) designed by Meredith built around your needs, goals and level of fitness. It consists of a 7 day repeatable schedule that includes notes, tips, reminders and links to relevant “Senior Fitness With Meredith”  videos online (or other resources)  for you to implement on a daily/weekly basis or a schedule that best fits your needs in the comfort of your own home.

Hear What Others Have To Say!
“The custom plan was very helpful in that it guided me
to the specific you tube recordings that would most be of benefit. In addition, it provided a description of these recordings that helped me choose one for that particular day. Lastly, it introduced me to the Livestream recordings. I am now addicted to those!” – Anita W

Explicit instructions, explanation of exercise, calming composure, excellent projecting voice; I could go on and on. Meredith is awesome!” – Mary Jane B.

Easy to follow with a great coaching style. There is literally something for everyone here. So glad I ran across one of Meredith’s workouts by chance! Part of my daily exercise routine now.” – Fiona G.

Clear and concise instructions delivered with what appears to be a genuine interest in those who seek out her classes. Her descriptions of the exercises and their intentions are always illuminating, helping the participants to understand the function of each movement and the sheer joy of performing them all.” – Larry Q.

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-> You can also listen to Meredith go into more details about the benefits of our custom plans on our podcast episode here.

How Do I Get My Plan?
After successfully placing your order here on our website, you will then need to fill out our Custom Workout Intake Form in which you’ll provide us information about your health and fitness goals. Within 7 days (1 week) after submitting this form, Meredith will send out your custom 7 day exercise plan via email that you can then follow at home or workout space. This plan is designed for you based on the information you provide on our intake form and specifically tailored to help you reach your fitness goals.

Step 1: Order Your Plan

Step 2: Fill Out The Online Intake Form Here With Your Order Number And Submit.

Step 3: Receive Your New Plan Within 7 Days

What Is Included In My Plan?
Your custom workout plan will consist of a downloadable PDF Format easy to follow, 7 day schedule listing out choices of video workouts you can do each day as well as notes, tips and reminders from Meredith pertaining to the linked videos in your workout plan. These workouts are designed for you to do each week or when it works best for you. You can view an example of what your plan will look like here.

Can I Order Another Plan If I’ve Already Purchased One In The Past?
Yes! You can always order another plan if you feel you’d like to add more variety or “refresh” your workout routine or your fitness health goals have changed. Just make sure you specify on our Intake Form that you have purchased a plan previously and that you also add what kind of workouts and goals you are looking to achieve for this new plan. You can specify these goals on your new form submission.

What If I Am Not Satisfied With My Plan?
If you feel that the custom plan designed for you has not helped you after a period of time and are un-satisfied with it, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchasing.

Can I Contact You If I Have Questions?
Yes! Please feel free to reach out either via email at or via our Contact Page here on our website.

We look forward to creating a workout just for you!