I have a huge passion for health and wellness, all stemming from when I was young. I would do workout videos and go for long walks with my Mom. I liked how it made me feel… stronger and accomplished. I continued working out with my mom and brother, and on my own. 

Years went by and I always remained active in some way, trying new fitness classes or new workouts on my own. When I got into my early 30’s, many friends asked me to train them after watching my workouts I would do. That is where the real passion for helping others on their health, wellness, and fitness journeys began. I got my AFAA personal training and group fitness certifications, along with countless continuing education classes to keep material new and fresh, and to always learn new things. I started my own personal training business, and went from there doing one-on-one training and bootcamp style classes.

 A client I had a the time asked if I had any interest in working with seniors at a retirement community. That was a great question because I had never really thought about it. Again, I do always like to learn new things, so I told her I was interested. I toured the community, and interviewed for a position as Fitness Coordinator and Instructor.  I got the position and that’s when, in many ways, how I look at fitness in general changed. I saw fitness in a different way…not just a “go,go,go” “push yourself harder” “run faster” mentality. It was more purposeful now, more long term beneficial, more overall wellness in every way.

I have been primarily working with seniors since, and I absolutely love it. Each day is a challenge, and rewarding as well. The amount I have been able to learn hands on and from the knowledge of the seniors I have worked with is tremendous. And the impact the workouts I do with my senior classes and individuals pushes me daily. The amazing feedback of the results they are achieving, physically, emotionally, overall…and the satisfaction I receive is endless.

My goal is to help anyone with their health and fitness journey, and be an overall inspiration that YOU can do it! We all can! Taking each day as its own, and continuing to work hard and learn.

Thank you! Stay happy and healthy always!! – Meredith