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52 entries.
Christine from Springfield wrote on May 25, 2022
You are my Jane Fonda! I LOVE everything about you and your videos. Thanks a million!
Stela from Lisboa Portugal wrote on May 17, 2022
I stopped attending the gym due to COVID and I found your site and I really like yours workouts. The best ones for me are the standing workouts . And I like very much the livestreams.
I hope to continue with you, dear coach. Tank you so much.Stela
Ron Faich from Albuquerque NM wrote on May 10, 2022
My brother and I are still working out with your videos after more than 2 years. You helped us get thru the pandemic and we are very grateful.
Dena Erickson from Camrose wrote on May 10, 2022
Hi recovering from cancer and a senior is hard work.having one arm with lyphodema even harder but I am so happy to have found you after reading a CBC review! Alot of family and friends want you to be instantly better but its a journey and having someone that can understands the GPS is refreshing.
Angie Van Hecke from Show Low AZ wrote on April 23, 2022
Love your videos. You are exceptional in your presentations. You are succinct , and I love the reminders. You look great!!
Linda Brooks from Twinsburg, Ohio wrote on April 23, 2022
I have found this website to be very helpful in my daily workouts. My favorite workout thus far is the sciatica stretches. I do this workout daily. I cannot thank you enough for providing so many workouts to choose from.
Beverly Williams from NYC wrote on April 17, 2022
I just finished another one of your workouts seated in a chair!! I am pouring sweat and I feel every muscle that was worked this morning. Who knew that a chair workout could be so intense!! I appreciate you for the reminders to do proper breathing and to "engage the core". Thank you for the variety of different workouts to choose from, I never get bored with you.
Shirley B from Victoria, British Columbia wrote on April 12, 2022
Your workouts are great! I stopped attending aquafit due to covid, and am so thankful for your workouts. The best ones for me are standing workouts, including ones with weights, which I do every few days. I always appreciate your reminders to breathe, stand, hold core and so on, as well as your thorough explanations about each exercise. Thanks so much.
Mary Coker from Rock Island, Illinois wrote on April 12, 2022
Dear Meredith,
I found your videos just by accident and have been so glad I did. I have some numbness/tingling in my feet and hands due to chemo therapy. Your workouts helped me to improve my balance and range of motion. Also since starting your workouts a month ago, I have noticed a real improvement in my sitting and standing posture. There is enough variety to keep me interested. Thank you very much.
Sandy Davis from Anadarko, OK wrote on April 4, 2022
I found your videos on YouTube and can not wait for our senior citizens to try them out. I did them and they are very inspiring for me. I am a senior citizen coordinator.
I hope to continue to use them and give them a goal to better fitness.
Thank you,
Sandy Davis
Lucy from Redcliff wrote on March 30, 2022
Excellent Exercise tutorials, hoping to get to do all of them. I am so happy I found your site. Many thanks for all your time and work in posting these, they are excellent.
Mary S from Oakland, Ca wrote on March 29, 2022
My sister, who lives in Atlanta, and I exercise together over Zoom with a Senior Exercise with Meredith at least four (or more) times per week. We have been doing this for almost nine months now, and we both have experienced noticeable improvements in our flexibility, strength, and general feelings of โ€œwellnessโ€. Thank you so much, Meredith, for what you do. You are so inclusive and welcoming in your manner, that you make exercise possible for people who dont have much prior experience or knowledge of how to get started. Please keep those videos coming! We do many repeats, but love it when a new one is posted.
Rita Preston from Logan wrote on March 22, 2022
Hello to the All Over Strong Community,
I am a member of a local theatre group in Nelsonville OH. In 2020 we were in tech week for "Sister Act". Alas COVID shut down the production.
Here we are in 2022. I am happy to report we just finished our first weekend of the musical.
This musical is song and dance heavy. I would not have been able to participate without the dedication and commitment from Meredith and her team. We are continuing with a second weekend.
Forever grateful,
Patti from Marion wrote on March 15, 2022
As a younger woman I was a gym nut, but, as I've "matured" that is not for me. I also had an in home gym for years, but, we moved and downsized. I was in limbo for awhile and then the pandemic hit. I began getting outside and walking, and began in earnest to search for ways to exercise that wouldn't hurt my back and knees. I've already had both shoulders operated on too. I was so happy to find your site!! I love the variety, the challenge, and more than anything, your professionalism. Thank you for your encouragement, and for sharing your knowledge of these remarkable human bodies! My favorite workouts are the full body with weights routines. I love the stretching strap too!!
Take care...and God bless you!
Linda from Perry wrote on March 14, 2022
You make exercise fun. Iโ€™m into the cardio more than anything because Drs โ€œthoughtโ€ I may have heart disease, turned out I do notโ€ฆdr scared me so bad, though, that I keep up my cardio, anyway. Lol! Thanks girl!
Patty P from West Chester, PA wrote on March 13, 2022
Hi Meredith! Your videos were mentioned on an exercise site I follow on FB-took a glance and have been totally addicted to since. You offer so many options for different workout types and lengths from 12 minutes to an hour. I purchased your custom workout plan and it is so helpful in planning my week and getting an even balance of cardio and strength training. Two months ago I injured my knee and your seated workouts saved me from inactivity and depression. You explain things so well and keep me inspired to never give up. Thank you so much for being awesome and hugs for Tyson!
Janette Wood from Ipswich, Australia wrote on March 13, 2022
I discovered Meredith's channel two years ago when in hotel quarantine here in Australia. She helped keep me sane during that time and has helped keep me mobile since then, as I have some serious knee issues to contend with. Thank you for some great content for all fitness levels and abilities.
Cathy Linder from Ellensburg, WA wrote on March 13, 2022
I am so glad to have discovered Meredith's workouts. I started with 20 minute seated workouts a few times a week and have progressed to the hour Livestream classes (although never live yet) daily. I look forward to them as a fun part of my day. Meredith's explanations are great and she makes me feel good about where I am and where I am going in my health journey. Thank you so much, Meredith!!
Allan & Alison Henshaw from Toodyay, Western Australia wrote on March 13, 2022
Your videos have been keeping us both supple and in trim for the past 18 months or so. Thanks.
Stephanie Aymold from York, PA wrote on March 12, 2022
Hello Meredeth!
I feel so blessed to have found your workouts. You are really great at explaining and cautioning us seniors. I definitely feel like I have worked out with you, and best of all, without pain!
For the past week I have been concentrating on cardio with body weight workouts. I try my best to do one livestream each day. So I can get both in one hour. I realize that most of the livestreams are cardio and HIT. or resistance, but since I am able to do them, I do.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Stephanie Aymold.