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Podcast 4 – Best Workouts For Ages 65+

senior fitness with meredith

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Hello and thanks for joining us on the podcast today!

For this episode, we wanted to dive right into discussing some great exercises targeted towards ages 65+, our senior generation.

Exercising and fitness benefit the body, mind and health no matter what age you are at. Keeping your body in good health by regular exercise along with eating a healthy diet provides the body what it needs to help us with day to day activities.

In this episode, Meredith discusses some of these beneficial exercises that you can do in your own home and how they help your body stay in the kind of shape it needs. 

As always, you’ll want to only do movements and exercises that you feel comfortable with as everyone has specific needs that pertain to them.

 Meredith discusses many movements in this podcast, most of which you can see some examples of on our YouTube channel as well as our website here.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Why the 65+ age group is a generation that requires a certain level of attention when coming up with workouts and exercises that will benefit the body.
2). Some great cardio workouts for seniors that focus on building up heart health and is lower impact to prevent injury or fatigue.
3). Resistance and strengthening workouts that you can do easily at home for your upper body and back to help with standing, sitting and carrying heavier objects. 
4). How workouts that help build strength in your lower body or legs can help with everyday movements like standing and walking. Having a little more strength can go a long way!
5). How you can incorporate these simple and easy workout suggestions into your daily life so that they don’t feel like a chore and can be enjoyable to do while at home.
6). Why focusing on your core (stomach, abdomen etc.) is the foundation for your body to move and why it’s important for seniors to embrace workouts that strengthen the core and how it can help them.  
Thank you again for listening to our podcast! Hopefully, you find some useful information here that can help you build and maintain a healthy body and mind.

 As stated earlier, staying fit with exercise helps our bodies no matter what age we are at and hopefully this episode was helpful to you.

We always aim to inform all of our seniors looking to find more information on health and fitness as well as healthcare workers, physical trainers, and instructors.

Til the next episode!

Mike – Team Meredith