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Podcast 215 – An Interview with Meredith and Her Mother Part 2


senior fitness with meredith

This is the second episode in a special 2 part interview series with Meredith’s mother Genie. She has played such an influential part in Meredith’s life and we are grateful to have the chance to sit down and learn more about her philosophies on health and well being as we age. If you missed Part 1 you can also listen to it here.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Some of Genie’s thoughts on today’s modern health and fitness industry and how it’s grown in the past many years.

2). How nutritional information has become more of a priority and a standard in today’s society as compared to many years ago.

3). Genie and Meredith’s discussions on how people used to be more active than we are today which helped contribute to a more mobile and active society.

4). Genie’s thoughts on the new technologies we have now in the fitness industry and if she thinks it is actually helpful.

5). Genie’s thoughts on the Senior Fitness With Meredith brand and how she views our content as being helpful to a global audience.


We hope you enjoy this candid interview and that it helps inspire you to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle no matter what your age. Staying active and mobile is so important when it comes to staying independent and Genie has definitely set this example for Meredith which has also inspired us to continue putting out our best health and wellness content.

Thank you Genie for your time and this amazing interview!

Team Meredith