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Podcast 214 – An Interview with Meredith and Her Mother Part 1


senior fitness with meredith

We have a special 2 part podcast special this week featuring a candid interview with our special guest, Meredith’s mother Genie! This is part one of our series where we dive into learning more about her beginnings and how her thoughts on fitness and health helped inspire Meredith to become the woman she is today

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). How Genie played a big role in Meredith’s early years in helping grow her interest in fitness and learning the important of embracing an active lifestyle.

2). Genie shares some of the early activities that she and Meredith used to do together that helped instill these values of staying active.

3). Genie shares some of her regular physical activities and how often she exercises including exercising along with some of the videos at Senior Fitness With Meredith!

4). How we all have physical limitations, especially as we age but why it’s important to continue to find ways to stay active no matter what the limitation is.

5). Genie’s candid thoughts on Meredith’s success so far in being able to reach many people across the world who benefit from her exercise videos and branded content.


Thank you for joining us on this special episode, the first of two. We hope Genie’s interview helps inspire you or someone you know who may be on their own journey with health and fitness.

Team Meredith