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Your Brain And Exercise


You may know that exercise is good for your heart but did you also know that exercise is also good for your brain? It is. Exercise is great for your brain. There are many reasons why exercise is so good for your brain and memory.

One of the reasons is it helps more oxygen get to your brain and this is a big benefit as it boosts memory and overall brain function. This increased blood flow also can help with alleviating depression.

Strength training can promote better concentration, improving brain health. This is done by the focus you need in strength training that then translates into the concentration needed in the rest of your life.

Exercising also aids in the release of a plethora of beneficial hormones. These hormones participate in creating a healthy environment for brain cells which promote overall brain health. Exercise also stimulates the brain’s plasticity by stimulating the growth of new connections between cells in the brain.

Exercising can help you with staying on task and helps you learn to follow through with tasks and gives you the ability to achieve long-term goals.

Exercising at the beginning of the day helps your brain deal with stressors throughout the day better, improving brain health. It also helps your brain retain more information from the day.

It also rewires your brain. As you age your hippocampus shrinks. Exercise can actually reverse the shrinkage of your hippocampus. Studies show that those who exercise are at less risk of things linked to dementia.

Stay happy, healthy, and confident always! – Meredith