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Yoga Flow Workout (With Modifications)


In this workout we’ll be going through a full body (standing and floor) “Yoga Flow” workout incorporating all the areas of traditional yoga and demonstrating modifications along the way if you have any physical limitations.

Yoga is a great way to work your whole body in a low impact style that minimizes any heavy pounding stress on your joints. Yoga still provides the benefits of strength training with resistance as well as raises your heart rate to increase your cardio health.

Since this workout is full body, you will be doing both standing and floor positions. We recommend using a soft mat and also a soft “block” to help with certain movements.
We are also incorporating modified positions especially while on the floor in case you have any physical limitations. 

Always remember to go at your own pace and only perform movements that you are comfortable with. Working on flexibility takes time so don’t be discouraged if you cannot complete any movement. 

This workout is meant to encourage you to move in your comfort zone and work from there.

Always remember to keep water close by and to have a great workout!


Suggested For This Workout: