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Upper and Lower Body Seated Resistance Band Workout


In this video, we’ll be using resistance bands to get a great full-body workout.

Resistance bands are a great way to add variety to your workouts. They help improve flexibility, dexterity and of course help strengthen your muscles all at the same time.

Incorporating resistance bands into at least one or two of your workouts a week will help mix things up for you and keep your body in step with where you want to be.

This workout is in a seated position all the way through. Being seated takes the pressure off of your back and legs to help you concentrate more on your movements. Getting a full range of motion when using resistance bands is important and sitting helps with this.

This is a full-body workout so you will be using your arms, legs, shoulders, back, and core. All the areas we use on a daily basis and that help us get through our day. Nothing goes to waste in this excellent full-body routine!

As always, only do the movements you feel comfortable with and never force anything that causes you discomfort. This workout is great to do in your own home or with friends!

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith

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