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Tips to Reduce Alcohol Consumption During the Holidays

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Enjoying a festive holiday season includes many things. Time with family, amazing food and deserts, holiday parties etc.

For some, this also includes higher than usual amounts of alcohol consumption. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it and everyone is different.

Partaking in drinks with friends and family can add to an already great time especially when everyone is feeling festive!

However, if you feel like taking a different approach to the holidays this year and cutting down on the amount of alcohol you are taking in there are a few things you can try to help you out. 

Tips to Reduce Alcohol Consumption during the Holidays

1). Set an alcohol limit for yourself in advance before any event. By setting a goal or limiting yourself, you will know ahead of time when is your last call.

2). Inform a trusted friend, family member, or guest about your drinking limit. Have someone help you stick to your goal!

3). Eat a full, healthy meal before drinking any alcohol. Having food in your stomach will help slow down your body’s alcohol absorption, and can help prevent you from becoming inebriated too quickly. Also, eat snacks while you are drinking.

4). Drink your alcoholic beverages at a slow pace. If you can sip drinks, or take water breaks between drinks, you can avoid becoming inebriated and help reduce your overall alcohol consumption.

5). Have non-alcoholic beverages on hand as a guest or host. Since many people present bottles of liquor or wine to the host as a formality, make sure that drinks such as water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available as options.

6). Politely say no when you are offered a drink after meeting your personal alcohol limit. Other friends, family members, and party-goers may try to convince you to continue drinking; especially if they are also consuming alcohol.

7). Make plans to leave a holiday party or event early. Having plans in place before a party or event can help prevent you from over-drinking and help reduce your alcohol consumption.

Stay Happy & Healthy & Confident Always!