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THE BEST Seated Dumbbell Full Body Workout For Beginners And Seniors | “Go-To” Series | 29Min


In this exercise video Meredith is guiding you through another “BEST OF” series full body seated workout using dumbbells for resistance training. This is another one of our BEST series exercises that incorporates the most effective movements using the equipment and timeframe to help give you your best workout!

Using weights to add resistance is a great way to build strength and endurance within the working muscle group. For this exercise we are using dumbbells but you can always substitute by using water bottles or cans of soup. Whatever you have around you that you are comfortable with will work just as well:)

This is a completely seated routine and perfect for anyone just starting out or with limited abilities. The movements in this video are meant to work your whole body in a safe and comfortable manner.

Remember to only do movements that you are comfortable with and never force anything that will cause you pain or discomfort. Take water breaks when you need to and have a great workout!

Team Meredith