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THE BEST Cardio Boxing And Kickboxing HIIT Workout For Seniors | 25Min


senior fitness with meredith recommended equipment

// Optional Equipment used in this video: Wrist Weights w/ Thumblock

In this workout Meredith is guiding you through a fun and energizing intermediate level boxing and kickboxing routine taken from another “THE BEST” series!

Low impact cardio boxing and kickboxing movements are great for getting your heart rate up and burning fat in a fun and safe manner. Building up your cardiovascular system is crucial to living an active lifestyle and HIIT style routines (High Intensity Interval Training) are a perfect challenge.

We are using optional wrist weights for an added challenge but you can certainly go through this routine without them and still get a great workout in. Remember to always keep your water close by and take breaks when you need to. Only do movements that you are comfortable with and that don’t cause any pain or discomfort.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith