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The Benefits Of Exercise


Here at Senior Fitness With Meredith we wanted to give you an inside scoop on a few things that we think are important when it comes to senior fitness and overall health.

There are many benefits to living a healthy and active lifestyle and in this video, Meredith talks about the benefits of resistance training, cardio health, and the real world implementations of working with seniors.

In This Video You Will Learn:

1). The benefits of staying active and how it not only helps the body stay in shape but also benefits the mind and social aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

2). How physical activity and being motivated to exercise can still be a challenge for some seniors when the body may not feel ready or there is physical limitations on movement and how to work with these challenges.

3). Why resistance training is very important for building up muscle strength in seniors and the benefits gained from having added strength in arms, legs, and core muscles.

4). How cardio exercises still matter for seniors and why working on a comfortable heart rate through cardio exercise that works for you can help you stay active and feel great.

5). Some advice on where to go or what you can do if you are looking to get involved in a fitness program in your area or community and how to go about slowly incorporating exercise into your lifestyle.

Staying healthy and living an active lifestyle is a great way to not only keep the body strong but also the mind. It’s important to remember that resistance training and cardio exercise has benefits that span over all ages.

Having our seniors work on exercises and perform movements that are comfortable for them, never pushing or forcing, can have positive effects on muscle growth, heart health and a healthy mental state.

As always, movements and exercise should only be performed in a comfortable manner that matches your body and health. Modifying movements to complement any limitations is important and never do any exercise that gives you discomfort or pain.

Thank you for tuning in!

Team Meredith