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Taking Care Of Your Skin


senior fitness with meredith

Senior’s skin has been exposed to many things over the years, environmental and placed upon ourselves. Skin becomes more sensitive and susceptible to many skin diseases and conditions. Skin becomes thinner and dryer, and takes longer to heal. Senior skin is more prone to irritation, scaling, and infection.

There are a few common skin problems with seniors:

  • Dermatitis is quite common. That is where your skin gets itchy and dry, along with flakiness and peeling.

  • Senile purpura is also very common. This specific disorder refers to the discoloration and purple spots that occur on the body, especially legs and arms. This is caused by thinning skin and the blood vessels and capillaries are exposed to the surface of the skin.

  • Skin growths and skin tags are common and should be inspected often. Especially moles, remember “ABCDE”: asymmetry, borders, color, diameter, and evolving.

Senior skin should be taken care of in a daily regimen. Some tips for skin care:

  • Limit the number of showers/baths you take.

  • Take cool/warm showers, not hot.

  • Avoid harsh soaps and detergents.

  • Apply mild moisturizers after showering or bathing.

  • Always wear sunscreen. Even if staying indoors or in a car, even on cloudy or cold days.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Use a room humidifier.

It comes down to staying on top of your skin care routine, even as you age. Visit your dermatologist often, especially if your skin starts to change in any way or you see a new or changed growth.

Keep exercising and eating right, and always drinking plenty of water.

Stay happy, and healthy, and positive always!