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Strength Exercises For Seniors And Beginners Using Resistance Bands And Weights


In this video, Meredith is using both resistance bands and weights together mirroring movements to demonstrate how you can do the same exercises using either piece of equipment.

Incorporating resistance training into your weekly workouts is a great way to build strength. But what if you only have a pair of weights or resistance bands? Can you still do the same movements to build strength in your upper and lower body?

Yes you can!

Whether you use bands, weights, water bottles or cans of soup you are still able to do the same movements to build strength no matter what you have. Resistance bands and dumbbells are very common pieces of workout equipment and we wanted to show you how to do the same exercises using 2 different pieces of equipment.

Knowing how to use your equipment is important and using different types of equipment can be beneficial if that’s what you have access to. Again, the important thing is not the equipment itself but knowing how to use what you have properly to get the benefits of your exercises and avoid injury.

As always drink lots of water and only do range of motion that you are comfortable with. Never force anything and stay relaxed.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith