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Standing Resistance Bands Workout


Welcome to another workout session! This time we are using resistance bands in a standing position.

Just of note, you don’t have to use resistance bands for this workout, just following the movements will give you the benefits of this workout as well as well.

If you do have resistance bands then that works too! Using any kind of resistance like small weights or even water bottles is a great way to build muscle and strengthen areas of your body that may not get as much use as you’d like.

This particular workout utilizes a standing position that engages your core areas (abdomen, lower back etc) which is something we use most everyday.

It is designed to not only strengthen but build balance up as well. Working your upper and lower leg areas to help you gain better balance when walking or even climbing stairs.

As always, remember to go at your own pace, only do the movements that you feel comfortable with including your balance and never risk movements that cause pain or discomfort.

Remember to drink lots of water and have a great workout!

Team Meredith