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Standing Balance Workout


Today’s workout will be focused on strengthening the areas of our body that provide us with proper balance and stability in a standing position.

Balance is very important when it comes to our daily routines. Having the ability to move around objects quickly or walk up flights of stairs without fear of falling gives us the confidence we need to make it through our days with ease.

For this session, we are using a chair positioned close by so we have access to something we can lean on when necessary. The exercises in this video are standing so our legs and lower back will be getting a great workout as well.

This workout is designed for you to do at home in an area that is open and free for you to move around. Make sure the diameter around your workout area gives you enough room to step at least a few feet around you in all directions in addition to keeping your sturdy chair close by.

Remember to always drink lots of water and take breaks if and whenever you need to. Your safety is priority number one!:)

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith