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Simple Seated Feel Good Stretches For Seniors And Beginners | 16min


In this exercise video Meredith will guide you through a very easy to follow stretching routine that will loosen up you muscles and body and leave you feeling refreshed!

Stretching is a great exercise that can help you through any daily activities. We don’t often think as stretching as a type of exercise but it really does add to your physical health especially if done daily. Stretching is also great to add at the end of your workouts because the body can tighten up during exercise due to repeated movements.

Stretching is a great way to stay loose and flexible. This routine is seated which makes movements easier on the joints and corners of our body that may have issues.

Remember to take a water break if you need it and only do movements that do not cause you pain or discomfort.

Enjoy your stretch!

Team Meredith