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Senior Fitness Upper Body Exercises For Beginners


In this workout video Meredith is taking you through a great seated upper body workout great for beginners and anyone looking to get started in building upper body strength.

Having strong upper body strength is so important because we use our it everyday. Carrying objects, reaching for things in the garage or kitchen, balancing ourselves and best of all hugs!

Being able to exercise you arms, triceps, biceps, shoulders, hands, chest and wrists should be something we try to incorporate into our weekly exercise routines. Of course all moves in this video can be modified to fit your range of motion and only do what you feel comfortable with.

This is a great workout if you are just starting out and are looking for a low impact alternative to building strength and flexibility in your upper body. For this workout Meredith is using weights but you can substitute weights with water bottles or cans of soup.

You can also just do these movements without weights and still benefit from the range of motion.

Remember to keep water close by and have a great workout!

Team Meredith