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Senior Fitness – Standing Balance Exercises For Seniors And Beginners | 20 MIN


In this exercise video Meredith is going through a great 20 min standing balance challenge routine perfect for anyone who is looking to build up strength and flexibility in their core and lower body muscles.

Having sturdy balance is so important because it’s something we use everyday. Walking, jogging, going up and down stairs etc all require a lot from our bodies especially in areas that help us balance.

Having a strong core helps us with sitting, getting up and in and out of bed. Having strong lower body muscles also contributes to these movements as well as our movement through space. Together,  they make up our base which is our balance.

In this routine Meredith looks to help you strengthen these areas and offer routines you can easily do at home on a weekly basis to help you develop and strengthen your balance.

This is a brief 20 min routine and we hope you enjoy the benefits of it. As always keep water close by and remember to stretch.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith