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Senior Fitness Low Impact Cardio Salsa Dance Workout | 30 Min


Welcome to our 30 min salsa dance cardio workout!

In this video Meredith is taking you through a great full body cardio workout set to some energizing salsa music! Dancing is a great way to get a good cardio health but it also helps with exercising your mind as well!

Meredith has some very easy to follow steps throughout this workout that can be modified to your range of motion as well. You can also do this workout in a chair if that is more comfortable for you.

This is a very low impact and won’t put any strain on your joints. It’s meant to help raise your heart levels just enough so you feel refreshed afterwards and well rested later.

As always keep water close by and only do movements that you feel safe and comfortable with. You can also keep a chair close by if you feel that you need a little extra stability during the session.

We hope you enjoy this fun workout!

Team Meredith