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Senior Fitness – Boxing Cardio And Abs Workout | Intermediate Level | 36 Min


In this exercise video Meredith is guiding you through a fun and energizing low impact cardio boxing and abs/core workout!

Boxing is a great way to get cardio exercise in because it engages your cardiovascular system works all areas of the body, not just upper body and arms. This is an all standing routine but can be modified for seated exercise as well.

Also included in this workout are some energizing abdominal and core movements to get your mid section engaged as well followed by an ending stretch:)

This is an intermediate level routine because it is all standing but as mentioned can be modified for seating. You don’t need any equipment for this fun exercise, just some motivation to get a great workout in:)

As always keep your water close by and never do any movements that cause you pain or discomfort.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith