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Senior Fitness Advanced HIIT And Cardio Workout Using Weights | 50 Min


In this workout Meredith will be taking you through an “Advanced” HIIT style cardio routine incorporating weights and using a timer.

HIIT or “High Intensity Interval Training” style workouts are great for getting your heart rate up and getting your body moving. They are usually executed using a timer so you have a “seconds on and seconds off” type of format. This allows your heart rate to raise and lower in one workout so you benefit from the movement in heart rate.

Meredith is also incorporating resistance into this routine by using water bottles and dumbbells for variety. Adding any kind of resistance be it small or large depending on what you’re comfortable with is a great way to help build strength as well during this workout. You will really benefit from the best of both worlds in cardio and resistance training!

This is an advanced routine so only try this if you are comfortable with HIIT style standing routines. You can also modify this workout as a seated routine as well. Remember to only do what you feel comfortable with and never force movements that cause you pain or discomfort. Also remember to drink lots of water!

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith