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Senior Fitness 20 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout For Beginners

In this workout we will be doing a great standing cardio routine that will get your heart rate up and get your body moving and feeling great!
The moves and exercises in this video are designed for you to do easily in your own home and doesn’t require any equipment, only you! This is a full body cardiovascular workout incorporating the entire body, from the lower to the upper body and core.
All of these elements together will help strengthen your entire body and help with your balance which is so important during your ADL’s (activities of daily living).
Weekly cardio routines are great for heart health and help keep your body flexible and nimble. Having great cardiovascular health is essential to living an active lifestyle no matter your age.
Always remember to drink lots of water and only do movements that you feel comfortable with. Never force anything that does not feel right for you, listen to your body.
Have a great workout!
Team Meredith