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Relieve Lower Back Pain And Tightness With These Helpful Stretches | Learning Level


In this “Learning Level” video Meredith is guiding you through some very useful stretches that will help relieve lower back pain and tightness.

Lower back pain is something that affects many people and can cause serious problems when it comes to living an active lifestyle. As we age, out lower back can become prone to injury if we don’t take necessary steps to strengthen it and keep it flexible. We use our lower backs everyday, most of which we don’t realize and it is this constant use that can cause issues if we aren’t careful.

For this video, Meredith goes through some simple stretching movements that you can do on a rest days or after you finish your regular workouts. The movements are shown both as a lying down position on the floor or on a bed as well as in a seated position.

Remember to only do movements that you feel comfortable with and that do not cause pain or discomfort. If you have severe pain in you lower back be sure to consult your doctor first before attempting these movements.

We hope you enjoy this learning level, lower back stretches workout!

Team Meredith