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Posture Balance & Stretching Exercises For Beginners | Full Body Workout At Home


In this video Meredith is taking you through a great “at home” posture, balance and stretching routine designed to work your whole body in both seated and standing positions.

Making sure we have correct posture, firm balance and a flexible stance is so important when we take on challenges during the day like walking up and down stairs, carrying objects from one place to another or simply exercising.

Posture and balance are aspects of life which we can easily overlook until we suffer a fall or start having back issues. Both of which many Americans suffer from. Furthermore, staying flexible is something that we may not pay enough attention to on a daily basis.

Making sure we take time to work on our posture, balance and stretching and to incorporate these routines into our regular exercise schedules will help keep your body strong, flexible and balanced.

This is a full body workout, one of our longer stretching routines so as always make sure you have lots of water nearby and that you go at your own pace. Never forcing movements that may cause pain or discomfort.

We hope you enjoy this full body routine, have a great workout!

Team Meredith