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Podcast 83 – Tips On Motivating Others To Exercise


senior fitness with meredith

Embracing regular exercise is one of the most important gifts you can give to your body and health. Staying in shape, staying active and most importantly staying consistent is key to living a longer healthy life.

But what about someone you love? Or maybe a friend?

Motivating other people whom you care about to be as motivated about exercising as you are is not easy. Especially if they have never embraced the same ideals as you. We always want the best for people around us and in a perfect world everyone would be active and healthy but that’s not our reality. Is it possible to open someone up to embracing regular exercise when they haven’t?

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Some of the regular feedback we get from people who feel like they want to help their spouse or loved ones embrace exercise and some of their struggles they go through.

2). Understanding how your excitement about exercising and the benefits you get from it doesn’t always translate to other people and why this can come off as “bossy” to them which we want to avoid.

3). Knowing that everyone has a different level of physical fitness and trying to get someone who hasn’t exercised in a long time or ever will not be able to do the same workouts that you can do which can be de-motivating.

4). How we as active people can sometimes make the mistake of not looking at fitness through the eyes of someone who doesn’t workout out which can be a turn off for them when being approached with suggesting regular exercise.

5). Some helpful tips on how to suggest exercise to someone who doesn’t enjoy it and doesn’t exercise regularly and to understand that it doesn’t always workout the way you hope for and that’s OK.


We hope enjoyed this episode and got some value out of this important discussion. Embracing an active lifestyle is not for everyone unfortunately and if it is someone you love like a spouse or family member, getting them to embrace regular exercise can be a challenge.

Hopefully some of these tips in this episode have given you some ideas of your own to try with the people you care about the most. All we can do is try and do our best:)

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith