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Podcast 80 – Differentiating Between Pain And Discomfort


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us for this week’s podcast!

This episode is an informative discussion with Meredith about the difference between pain and discomfort when it comes to living an active lifestyle or just everyday mobility.

Dealing with both pain and discomfort is something we all experience at one point or another but we can also easily make the mistake of letting discomfort sideline us or letting pain get the best of us. When is it safe to push through what we think discomfort is or are we experiencing true pain?

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Why it doesn’t necessarily mean that if we don’t feel “pain” after your exercises that you’re not making gains, this isn’t entirely true.

2). How we correlate pain with getting injured or causing injury and how this can keep us from staying active or motivated to exercise.

3). Tips on how to listen to your body when evaluating your pain or discomfort levels and determining your level of activity.

4). Why we easily assume that pain and discomfort are one in the same but learning the actual differences can help us navigate new exercises ow workouts and feel better about how they affect our bodies.

5). Why it’s ok to go at your own pace when it comes to exercising and that you don’t have to always feel pain after a workout to know you are making progress.


We hope this episode has helped you in dealing with any pain or discomfort during you everyday life. Knowing what needs real medical attention instead of just discomfort (or vice versa) is important as we navigate the successes of living an active life style.

Tile the next episode!

Team Meredith