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Podcast 6 – Scheduling Workouts and Staying Motivated

senior fitness with meredith

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Welcome to another episode of the Senior Fitness Podcast with Meredith.

For this session, we’re breaking down the importance of maintaining a regular schedule for your exercise sessions and how to stay motivated to stick with them.

Staying motivated to exercise is something that we all deal with no matter what age, level or ability you’re at. It’s something that challenges us all. 

Luckily, there are things we can do and remember to help keep us on track whether you live independently, in assisted living, or if you are a trainer or healthcare worker and want to find ways to get your clients motivated.

 Hopefully, this episode will help provide some clear insight into what derailments to avoid, how to prioritize your exercise and most importantly, how to stay motivated through it all.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:
1). Why scheduling your workouts and staying motivated go hand in hand when it comes to staying on track and making exercise a priority in your life.

2). How staying on a consistent workout schedule for seniors is the best way to get exercise in regardless if you live or work in an assisted or independent living facility or if you live at home.

3). How procrastination affects motivation and how it can de-rail your scheduling plans and fitness goals. Also some great tips on how to avoid procrastinating and keeping yourself accountable.

4). The importance of working out in a group setting or classes and how they can be fun and help keep you motivated.

 5). How finding the right motivation to exercise (better balance, feeling better etc) is important to define once you start working out and how this will help you feel better about your progress.

6). How exercising regularly not only helps keep you physically healthy but also can have positive effects on mental and emotional state.

Thanks for joining us on this week’s podcast. We hope you are able to gain some value from this episode and either help you with staying on track in your own workouts, or if you work in the health care industry, give you some great tips on how to get your clients motivated to exercise.

Also if you have any suggestions, comments or feedback please feel free to reach out at anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

Team Meredith