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Podcast 59 – Helpful Tips To Staying On Track With Fitness During The Holidays


senior fitness with meredith

In this week’s podcast we’re sharing with you some of our best tips on how you can stay motivated to exercise during the holiday season.

The holidays are fast approaching and just like every year it can be difficult to find time and most importantly motivation to exercise. There is also no doubt that we will be celebrating a different kind of holiday as well with the world’s COVID situation but that also still means we can continue to stay active.

This is a challenge for everyone (even us!) no matter what age you are. The holidays always invoke special feelings in our hearts and minds as they always should but it’s also important to remember your health as well no matter the time of year.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Meredith’s thoughts on why this time of year is always a challenge to stay motivated to exercise and how that affects everyone.

2). Some examples of simple activities and exercises you can do to maintain a small activity level to keep you motivated and carry you through the season.

3). Why we tend to “slack off” during the holiday months and then re-commit to fitness and health when January rolls in and hoe that creates a surge to fitness every year. Is this necessary?

4). Some great tips on how to stay active consistently through the holiday season so we don’t feel like we have to “surge” in January and we feel better about our bodies and health.

5). How a lot of families and especially seniors can feel very overwhelmed because of all the traditional activities that take place and how this can slow down exercise routines or how they can be abandoned altogether which is what we want to avoid.

6). Some encouraging words on staying consistent, don’t get down on yourself if you miss some workouts, staying motivated and enjoy the time of year!


Thank you again for joining us on the special episode. We hope the tips we offer in this podcast will help you stay motivated this “different” holiday season and still be able to enjoy the time with your loved ones and everything that goes along with it.

Stay safe, happy and healthy!

Team Meredith