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Podcast 51 – Helpful Tips About Fall Prevention Awareness


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us n the podcast today!

This week we wanted to dive into an important topic that affects not only seniors but many others. Falling and fall prevention.

Falling is one of the biggest reasons for emergency room visits in seniors and most of which can be devastating. Recovering from a fall can take a long time and can also cause serious injury. Our best bet to combat against falls is to have as much knowledge on how we can avoid them as well as keep our bodies healthy in case a fall does occur.

Falls can cause many issues, not only physical but mental as well. Because events like this can cause so many problems, we wanted to share with you our best information on how we can avoid or protect ourselves.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). How September, the Fall Prevention Awareness Month inspired us to bring awareness of falls in not just seniors, but all people, to the forefront and why it’s so important to recognize.

2). Why building strength and continuing to move daily is most essential to protecting yourself from falls if and when they do occur.

3). How wearing certain shoes that don’t fit or work well can contribute to falls and why choosing the right type of feet wear is so important especially if you have limited mobility.

4). Why it’s so important to tell someone if you had a recent fall and not saying anything can lead to injury that you may no know about. This is particularly dangerous.

5). Why it’s important for trainers of healthcare providers to understand the why fall prevention needs to stay “top of mind” when caring for or training seniors or those with stability challenges.

6). Why many seniors don’t report when a fall has occurred and the fears involved with how they might be looked at and the level of freedoms they may lose. Why it shouldn’t be this way and how we should approach anyone with a fall on a case by case basis.


Thank you so much for joining us today for this important discussion. Falling can cause many problems for not just the person who fell but for the loving family members around them. We all worry about loved one staying safe and we don’t want anyone losing out on moments in life because of something that could be prevented.

With a little awareness and care, we can avoid events like this and have everyone get on with living our healthy and happy lives. We hope you found the information in this discussion valuable especially if you have have fallen yourself or know someone who has.

Till the next episode!

Team Meredith