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Podcast 46 – How To Get Better Sleep


senior fitness with meredith

Greetings and thanks for joining us on today’s podcast!

In this episode we’re talking about an important subject that affects everyone at some time or another, getting better sleep. We all can struggle with this and for very different reasons. Be it a restless mind, physical pain or something else, not getting enough sleep affects everyone.

Why is getting good sleep so important?

Getting restful sleep is important to our bodies and mind. We recharge our physical and mental state during sleep and get our energy levels back to where they should be so you can take on the day. Not getting sleep affects this process and if compounded day after day it can have longer lasting negative effects.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). How common not getting enough sleep really is and why we all struggle with it especially as we age.

2). Some of the common reasons that contribute to restless or bad sleeping habits like medications, medical problems or foods we may be consuming.

3). How setting up your bedroom and or sleeping routine ahead of time can help contribute to getting better sleep by keeping it dark, cooler and easy to navigate in case you do have to get up at night.

4). How exercising regularly helps with your sleeping habits and how it affects your body when you are ready to finally lay down to sleep.

5). Why limiting certain foods after a certain hour like caffeine and alcohol will help you fall asleep faster and attain REM sleep.

6). Why it’s important to have a set routine to follow throughout the day and before you head to bed that will help improve your sleeping habits over time.


Thanks again for joining us today for this important episode. Sleeping habits are so important to us and not getting enough sleep has long lasting effects on just about everything we do.

If you’re not getting good rest at night, we hops this episode helps inspire you to try some of these tips and improve your sleeping situation. We want to make sure you are healthy and that means being health not only while you’re awake but in dreamland as well:)

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith