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Podcast 45 – Being Proud Of Your Fitness Accomplishments


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us on this important episode!

Being proud of your accomplishments can seem like a no brainer but for some of us when it comes to fitness goals and achieving them we tend to dis-credit our efforts.

Why is that?

Getting down on our selves and no giving yourself the credit you deserve is crucial to making more progress and installing healthier habits. Being proud of your accomplishments and even celebrating them is important to your growth as a person living an active lifestyle.

We put so much work into getting our bodies healthy whether it be in both exercising and eating healthy so when it comes time to push past our goals we must remember to say to ourselves that it’s OK to say “I did it!” and be proud!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we felt it was important to discuss this topic on being proud of your accomplishments and how we receive a lot of questions and comments regarding people not being sure if giving yourself credit is a good thing.

2). How being proud and celebrating our accomplishments leads to more goal setting and motivation with exercise and healthy living.

3). Why it’s so important to have people around you that support your efforts and celebrate with you when you accomplish your goals. Having a great support system can make a big difference.

4). How we can feel less worthy of an accomplishment when the particular task or workout was something that we could do before. Don’t dis-credit yourself when you get back to a level that you once were at before. Be proud!

5). How there is a direct correlation between feeling proud and self esteem and why we might feel like we’re being self centered if we think about ourselves too much. This is the farthest from the truth, let’s spend more time being confident and celebrating and supporting eachother!


Staying positive about what we accomplish is so important. Whether it’s fitness goals or anything else you feel accomplished about is always something that we can say “It’s OK” to feel good about yourself. This gives us motivation to continue on and create more goals for ourselves.

We hope this podcast inspires you to keep reaching for new goals and to keep challenging yourself everyday. Stay positive and inspired always.

Team Meredith