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Podcast 40 – Dealing With Arthritis While Staying Active


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thanks for joining us for today’s episode!

For this podcast we wanted to discuss the challenges of living with arthritis and especially how that affects your active lifestyle.

Living with arthritis pain can be a challenge especially if you are very independent and active. The pain associated with arthritis can limit our ability to participate in activities that get us up and active. Not being able to do certain activities either on your own or with groups can be de-motivating and lead to a decline in physical activity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Inheriting simple daily routines that are designed to help care for you body and areas where you suffer from arthritis will help improve your quality of life and levels of activity. Just because you have arthritis doesn’t mean things have to stop for you. As a matter of fact they don’t have to stop at all!

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). How believing that arthritis is a main limiter of an active lifestyle and why this isn’t true. Debunking the myth that this disease will now limit what you can and can’t do as an active senior.

2). Why movement is so important to your joints and muscles even when we think we should move less because of arthritis. Staying flexible and working through the pain associated with moving is key to staying active.

3). Some examples of low impact style exercises that you can do to stay active and that are easy on your joints and body. There is always a way to stay in shape and work through issues with arthritis.

4). How giving in to the pain and issues with arthritis can de-motivate and make you feel less likely to take steps to improve your level of activity. It’s so important to know that you can still do the things you want to do with proper care.


Thank you again for joining us on the podcast. Learning how to live with arthritis can be challenging no matter what level of fitness you are at. Staying active and healthy is so important and arthritis can be a de-motivator when it comes to staying active.

If you live with arthritis or know someone who does then hopefully this episode helps shed some light on the issue and that it doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing the activities you love. With proper care and persistence you can get back on track.

Stay happy and healthy!

Team Meredith