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Podcast 39 – Taking Care Of Your Skin And Skin Health


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you for joining us on this episode of the podcast!

For this episode Meredith is going in depth about proper skin care and how to avoid problems with skin that can evolve over time.

Having healthy skin is so important especially as we age. With our skin being exposed to so many elements over time, we can quickly start to see how it affects our health.

Fortunately there are things we can do at any age to help protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun or any kind of outdoor weather. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin especially if you are noticing wear and tear.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). What are some of the most common complaints we have about our skin and why we feel the need to visit the doctor when we notice something.

2). Why applying sunscreen is so important and our best defense against damage from the sun and no matter where you are. It also helps moisturize your skin and can also be applied indoors.

3). How limiting the amounts of showers we take during a week can actually be beneficial for your skin because it will be less dry and allowing your skin’s natural oils to sink in.

4). The possibility of investing in a humidifier to bring more moisture into the air to help keep your skin moist especially in a dry climate or colder weather.

5). Why looking into eating certain foods like fruits and vegetables that provide natural waters can be good for your skin by helping replenish fluids etc.


Thank you again for joining us on the podcast. Skin health is very important to us and it sometimes gets overlooked by other health issues. However our skin is the first line of defense against a “weathery” world and making sure we are taking care of it should be on our list or priorities.

We hope you were able to take away some value from this episode as we care about all aspects of health not just in seniors but for everyone. Having healthy skin definitely fall into line with what Meredith wants to spread awareness about.

Til the next episode, stay happy and healthy!

Team Meredith