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Podcast 36 – Sciatica And How To Deal With Back Pain


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thank you again for joining us today on the podcast!

In this episode, Meredith is discussing something that almost everyone has to deal with at some point or time. Back pain or what can also be referred to as “Sciatica”.

What causes back pain? How do we deal with it? Can we still live an active lifestyle if we struggle with it?

These are all great questions and very commonly asked especially if back pain has changed the way you live your life. It doesn’t have to be that way and it doesn’t mean you have to end being active. Far from it actually!

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). What is Sciatica, how it is related to your sciatic nerve and how this affects your body, back, legs and/or hips etc.

2). Some of the common questions and comments that Meredith receives from seniors who struggle with back pain and what they can do to work through the pain either in daily life and exercise.

3). Some exercises you should consider that are lower impact and easier on your back if you do suffer from back pain. There are still many ways you can stay active!

4). Areas of your body to focus on that you use in your every day life to help strengthen your back and legs so you can avoid further injury.

5). Why continuing to move and staying active is actually good for your body if you suffer from back pain and how avoiding staying dormant for too long can help keep you healthier.

6). Why you should consider using assistive devices or back braces to help keep you aware of proper form and balance.

7). Some tips to help you with stretches and ways to keep you flexible and loose when you start your day.


Thank you again for being with us on this important episode about sciatica and back pain. Back pain affects many people no matter what age you are. It can be a debilitating experience and de-motivate you but with proper care, advice from your doctor and practicing safe methods of training, you can work through these challenges.

Staying healthy, active and happy is important and just because you suffer from sciatica doesn’t mean you can’t have those things in your life. We hope this podcast helps inspire you to know that there is always a way to stay healthy no matter what you’re going through!

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith