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Podcast 33 – Focusing On Breathing And Water Breaks During Exercise


senior fitness with meredith podcast

We often get comments on our videos with viewers commenting on how they like the reminders of breathing during the workouts. Also, questions and comments arise about why water breaks are taken. We believe that both are equally important, and good reminders!

Breathing: Seems like a silly thing to “remind” someone to breath but how easy it is to forget when we are concentrating on a move, what muscle we are supposed to work, standing tall without falling, sitting tall with good posture…the list goes on and on…and the face gets redder and redder as we hold our breath or breath improperly.

Drinking: Dehydration is one of the most common ailments that bring seniors to the hospital. It is masked by lethargy, low blood pressure, fainting, nausea, sore and tired bodies, memory loss, among countless others. Staying hydrated is so important all year round, no matter where you live or your activity level-but those do play a role in why intake is different for everyone.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Deep, full, controlled inhales and exhales -Really work on taking in full, deep inhalations and releasing that fully during the exhalation.

2). Regulate breathing – During different types of exercise, learn to train the brain to regulate breathing. Stretching with deep inhales and exhales to help the body release deeper. Regulate during cardiovascular exercise when the heart rate goes up and the breath tends to shorten. Exhale during exertion while doing strength and resistance training exercises.

3). Make controlled breaths as important as the workout you are doing!

4). Drink small sips during workouts of all types. Then drink lots after you finish your activity:)

5). Set timers, or use commercial breaks while watching tv, as times to drink.

6). Set a goal to finish a pitcher or bottle of water, or other good liquid, each day.

Liquid comes in many forms…good ol water, fruit juices, fruits and vegetables, broth-based soups, coffee and tea(not in excess), just a few good choices.

With age, thirst sensation decreases; some medications require you to drink more; it is harder to get up and get a beverage when necessary… these are all reasons staying hydrated, and finding ways to make that possible, are so very important!

Thanks again for joining us on this episode, we hope the information here helps you decide how often you should be focusing on your breathing and water breaks during exercise. Two things that will help keep you going for years to come!

Til next episode, stay safe, and take care!

Team Meredith