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Podcast 32 – Tips On Taking Care Of Your Back


senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thanks for joining us on this podcast episode! For this session, we’re discussing different and helpful tips on taking care of your back.

The entire back area, from the upper back, down the spine, into the lower back, is one of the most injury prone, and complained about due to pain. Time takes a toll on the body, as gravity wears down on us.

This compresses the spine causing pain. Also, rounding in of the shoulders and curving of the spine, causing our posture to get worse and worsening pain down the back. Some issues are inevitable with the body, but many can be reversed or helped.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Why lifting with your legs is so important – Any lifting off the floor should be done using the large lower body muscles instead of putting it all into the lower back.

2). How focusing on your posture while standing and sitting and keeping length in the spine, crown of the head towards the sky is so important.

3). How strengthening the abdominals will protect the lower back, and help with posture. Also, strengthen the lower back so when it is used it is strong and healthy. The sides of the waist, obliques, will help with twisting and bending.

4). Why working on lengthening the spine and visualizing air between each individual vertebrae is key and how these stretches can be done seated or laying down.

5). The importance of spine mobility – Keep the body twisting and bending at the waist. This will protect it from pulls and strains.

6). The proper use of a walker – Walkers can cause the body to bend forward if not at the correct height, and used properly. These assistive devices are just that, assisting with walking properly. This means light pressure and staying tall while using it.


Thanks again for joining us on this episode. Taking care of your back especially as we age is so important. We tend to forget just how much we use our backs on a daily basis until injury occurs.

The trick is to do preventive exercise daily to avoid injury and strengthen your core. This will help you get through the many challenges we face on a daily basis that require us to use our backs.

Til next episode, take care!

Team Meredith