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Podcast 31 – Stretching Exercises You Should Be Doing Everyday

senior fitness with meredith

Greetings and thanks for joining us on this podcast episode!

In this episode we are covering one of the most important aspects of staying active and healthy: Stretching!

Stretching on a daily basis can help your body in many ways and help make your exercising easier on your body. You’ll also benefit from the lengthening in your spine and flexibility in your joints to help better stabilize you during your day’s activities.

No matter what age you are you can still reap the benefits that stretching provides.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). Why it’s important to consider stretching as part of your daily routine no matter what age you are and how it benefits your body

2). What happens to your body when you do stretch and how it helps prevent tightening of your muscles, ligaments, bones etc. All around lengthening.

3). The importance of the mind and body connection when stretching and how it helps your stretching more effective.

4). The importance of paying attention to your spine when stretching and why that is the starting point for getting good length and openness while stretching.

5). Some great examples of daily upper body stretches.

6). Why remembering to breathe is so very important while you stretch and focusing on relaxing the body and staying loose.

7). Some great examples of daily lower body stretches.

8). Why focusing on our smaller joints and muscles like hands, ankles and feet are just as important as the larger muscle groups like back, arms and legs.


Thank you again for joining us on this episode. We felt strongly about including stretching in a dedicated episode because it’s so important.

Keeping your body loose, flexible and ready for daily movements is a great way to stay active and keep you motivated for exercise when you are ready.

Hopefully this episode has inspired you to try adding regular stretching to your daily routine.

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith