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Podcast 30 – When Is It Safe To Exercise Again After Being Sick?

senior fitness with meredith

Greetings and thanks for joining us on today’s podcast!

For this episode we wanted to talk about an important aspect of living an active lifestyle.
Being sick or ill.

It’s not something anyone looks forward to but it is a fact of life. We all get sick at times and it’s hard to stay active and motivated when it happens. There is also the question of when is it safe to get back into exercising after being sick and how do we know we won’t relapse?

These are all valid questions and when contemplating exercise after fighting an illness and there are many factors to consider if you are looking forward to getting back to being active.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). The importance of knowing your body and it’s limitations when you are battling any kind of illness and why it’s important not to push yourself and risk a relapse.

2). How it can be hard to get back into exercising after fighting an illness or injury and how it can lead to losing motivation for being active if you’re not mindful of your activity levels.

3). Things to consider when you feel you are ready to start exercising again and how you can slowly get back into your routine. There are important things to consider before you start again to help you avoid relapsing.

4). Some simple stretching exercises you can try to get your body slowly moving and loosened up again. You can even try these in bed while laying down!

5). Some suggestions on nutrition and some of the foods that will help you build your energy back up when your body in on the mend.

6). Why making sure you are taking in enough calories before you consider getting back to exercising.


Thank you again for joining us today on the podcast. No one ever looks forward to being sick and getting back into living an active lifestyle after being sick can be challenging.

We hope this podcast helps motivate you if you are currently ill or just getting over an illness and are looking to get back into exercising again soon.

Your health should be number one priority always and hopefully this episode will help guide you on your own path to recovery and activity.

Til the next episode, take care!

Team Meredith