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Podcast 3 – Importance Of Nutrition And Diet

senior fitness with meredith

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Welcome to the podcast friends, we are very excited about this episode because we get to talk about one of our favorite subjects… food!

Well, nutrition in general and how we can make sure our seniors get the best information and coaching on nutritional needs today.

In most cases, knowledge of nutrition has been passed down from year to year but that doesn’t always mean that good nutritional information is available.

 Especially in our “Baby Boomer” population, the information on nutrition and food has changed over the years and making sure we serve and cook the healthiest of meals is important to sustaining the body and mind at any age.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Some of the common habits that seniors have about diet which can unknowingly have negative health effects on the aging body and how to help modify for healthier options.
2). Why portion sizes and protein intake are still very important at a later age and how it should still be a priority to include in any meal for seniors.
3). A few ways to help gently emphasize healthier eating habits (a balanced plate) in seniors that may need to adjust their diet because of health issues like digestive complications, chewing or diabetes.
4). How doing research on different options in fruits and vegetables can help provide the same benefits for seniors without possible side effects. 
5). Why including research with your meals is important to putting together balanced and healthy meals for yourself or for someone you may care for and the health benefits behind it.

Thank you again for joining us here. Getting to chat about food and nutrition should always be an open topic and hopefully you found some value in this episode.

Whether you work in healthcare, fitness training or are a senior yourself, we aim to give you the best information on helping you understand nutrition for seniors and how to go about approaching trying new healthy options and learning about existing ones.

Til the next episode!

Mike – Team Meredith