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Podcast 28 – Staying Positive and Active During Challenging Times

senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thanks for joining us on today’s podcast. Today’s topic is important as we go through challenging times right now.

Today we’re discussing ways to stay positive and active during challenging times. More specifically right now as we are all challenged by the COVID-19 virus. 

Times like this where we are required to social distance ourselves from others and cut ourselves off from loved ones, friends, work, and just about every thing else we are used to.

We felt it was important to address this and give you tips on how to stay motivated, positive and active during this time.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). With COVID-19 disrupting everyone’s lives, what you can do to stay positive and keep moving.

2). Schedule your workout time: Put it on the schedule, and make that time for yourself to get your movement in.

3). Watch your diet: Continue to eat healthy; don’t drastically change your workout now; avoid fatty and fried foods.

4). Stay social: True, we can’t go out and meet in our groups, or do our fitness classes together. But we can get on the phone, we can get apps on our phones or computers that allow us to use the cameras and actually see our loved ones as you talk to them.

5). Get good sleep: With our thoughts going constantly, and in all directions it is hard to sleep. It is so important to try and sleep at night, or get naps throughout the day. Disrupted sleep causes balance issues, memory loss, etc.

6). Limit tv/news time: Remember that it is important to turn off the news and let the mind relax from all the negative we are hearing. We think we will miss breaking news, but I can almost guarantee we will be up to date even if the tv gets turned off for a while.


Thank you again for joining us on today’s podcast. We hope you have some new ideas and motivation after listening to this episode and if you are going through challenging times right now. 

Whether it’s a personal struggle or dealing with our current pandemic situation, it’s so very important to stay positive and healthy.

Til the next episode!
Take Care

Team Meredith