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Podcast 240 – How To Know When You Can Advance Your Fitness Level


senior fitness with meredith

Consistent exercise is key to helping ensure a longer healthier life and as you travel down your fitness journey, it can be tricky to know whether you’re body is ready for an added challenge. We may sometimes feel the instinctual urge to push ourselves a little further after time which is very natural. However, it may be challenging to know if and when you’re ready for higher intensity, heavier weight or a longer duration of exercise.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why knowing which fitness level you are at is so important and why this can be hard to determine for many people.

2). How difficult it can be to come back to exercise at a proper fitness level if you’ve taken time off or are recovering from illness or injury.

3). Meredith’s best recommendation on how to properly enter exercise at a beginner level if you haven’t exercise after a long period of time.

4). What we define as an “Intermediate” fitness level and how to determine if you’re ready to move into this level from doing beginner level exercises.

5). How your mentality plays an important role in listening and understanding your body and how making the right fitness choices will help keep you safely progressing through your fitness journey.


We hope the information we’ve shared in this episode helps you or someone you know who may feel ready to move towards higher level workouts. Making sure you have the knowledge and experience to traverse from a beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced level is key to keeping you healthy and safe for years to come.

Team Meredith