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Podcast 238 – 5 Best Tips On Staying Hydrated and Healthy


senior fitness with meredith

Hydration levels are an important aspect to living a healthy lifestyle, yet we often overlook them during our busy day which can lead to issues with dehydration and sickness. Making sure you take in appropriate amounts of water and fluids especially during the hotter months of the year can make a big difference between staying healthy or feeling lethargic, achy and even bed-ridden.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). The ages at which hydration affects people the most including older adults.

2). How easy it is to misdiagnose dehydration because common symptoms like feeling tired or achy can be easily assumed as effects from normal day to day stress.

3). Why water is always the best hydrator, but there are also other “healthy” options as well that you can try if you don’t like the taste of regular water.

4). How wearing the proper clothing can help make a difference in keeping your body cool and comfortable during warmer months.

5). The importance of planning ahead for warmer weather and how it will help keep you healthy by making sure your have proper hydration, attire and knowledge.


We hope the tips we share in this episode help you or someone you know who may be struggling with regular hydration. It can be easy to forget or assume that we are hydrated enough and doing so can cause health issues which can easily sideline you. Make sure staying hydrated is a part of your “health habits” to ensure your path to a longer healthy active life.

Team Meredith