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Podcast 237 – Can You “Out Exercise” a Bad Diet?


senior fitness with meredith

Regular exercise is one of the pillars for long lasting health. Your everyday diet is also one of the main contributing factors of a healthy lifestyle. But what happens if you only focus on exercising in hopes that it will be enough to stay healthy and omit taking into consideration the foods that may be healthier for you over time?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we wanted to shed light on this topic and how it affects what we are seeing in the news and on social media about new weight loss drugs, exercise fads and influencer fitness marketing.

2). How you can’t assume someone’s overall health and metabolism just by appearance alone. “Looking” like your in shape and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are.

3). Why it’s important to learn about your ideal health not specifically in numbers (calories, steps, weight etc).

4). How one person’s idea of what “healthy” is differs from others and how to find out what is the best definition of “healthy” for your body.

5). Why it’s important to know that eating un-healthy meals and trying to over exercise to make up for it is not a good way of maintaining your overall health.


We hope the tips and information in this episode helps you or someone you know who may have trouble balancing exercise and diet. It’s not always easy to manage a busy exercise schedule and stay on top of what goes into your body each week but it’s important to know how both depend on each other for the best health results. Enjoying a “balanced” diet throughout the week along with regular exercise can make all the difference for a longer lasting active life.

Team Meredith