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Podcast 236 – Ageism In The Fitness Industry


senior fitness with meredith

Ageism occurs far too often in society in many factors of life. Ageism is defined as “prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age.” As our population gets older, this kind of problem is becoming more apparent especially in the fitness industry. Judging one’s abilities based on just their age can have a negative affect mentally and emotionally.

Fortunately there are positive and productive ways to address issues with ageism which can help society realize that all people have value regardless of age.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Why we thought this issue was important to discuss and how ageism in the fitness industry (and other industries) is affecting older individuals.

2). How being an older worker in a competitive job market can be difficult because of the stereotypes against older workers and the false ideologies of not being effective and not being able to learn new skills.

3). How experiencing ageism can affect you mentally and emotionally.

4). How assuming someone’s level of fitness based on their age can be a misstep to proper training.

5). Some of Meredith’s best tips on handling ageism and how to change this mentality in the fitness and all industries.


We hope you find value in this podcast episode as we feel discussing the problems with ageism especially in the fitness industry is important to bring into the light. As our population ages, it’s important to know that value can be found in people of all ages, and in all industries and we look forward to a future in a society that embraces this mentality.

Team Meredith