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Podcast 231 – 5 Ways Exercise Can Help Boost Your Mood


senior fitness with meredith

Our mood is an important aspect of our daily lives and can directly contribute to our levels of engagement, awareness, activity and much more throughout the day. If you often don’t feel like doing certain things or don’t feel “in the mood”, this can directly affect not only your life but also the lives of others around you.

Luckily, regular exercise can help offset our mood swings and help make us feel more balanced when it comes to getting through life’s daily challenges.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in working with clients of all ages and the effects she has observed on mood and the willingness to stay active and healthy because of the positive effects of exercise.

2). What happens to your body when you encounter regular stress and don’t exercise to help curb the effects of stress on our bodies and minds.

3). How regular exercise helps with feelings of loneliness.

4). How regular exercise makes you feel better mentally and physically and how it can help lead to more self confidence, clarity and motivation.

5). Meredith’s recommendation on how often you should exercise during the week and what kind of exercises should you include in your workouts to keep your mood and mentality at healthy levels.


We hope the tips we’ve shared in this episode help you embrace the benefits of regular exercise which include helping improve your mood and overall happiness. Regular exercise has many benefits more than just the physical. Being mentally healthy is just as important and staying active will help keep you body and mind sharp and engaged for years to come.

Team Meredith