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Podcast 23 – How Exercise Can Help Manage Your Stress

senior fitness with meredith

Hello and thanks for joining us today for this great episode!

On today’s podcast, we’re diving into something that affects everyone, especially in our seniors. 


Stress affects everyone on a daily basis and depending on who you are, what you have going on in life and many other factors, stress can wreak havoc on your mind a body.

Seniors especially deal with stress on a daily basis. The idea that they aren’t as stressed as younger generations because they are retired and have less to worry about is very far from the truth.

Dealing with stress is important and we all do it differently. However one f the best ways to counteract the effects of stress is regular exercise. No matter what age you are, this is one of the best ways to bring your stress levels down and allow you to focus.

This also means seniors as well. We are never too old or too young to learn how to handle the challenges that stress brings upon us.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

1). The myth that as you get older, there should be less stress with retirement etc. and how seniors carry immense amounts of stress dealing with life events that occur during later stages in life.

2). Some things you can do outside of exercise that can help manage stress levels on a daily basis including working on your breathing, talking to someone or focusing on a hobby or activity.

3). How there is a direct link between physically feeling better from exercise and feeling better mentally and emotionally about yourself and your environment.

4). Some examples of workouts or exercises you can try at home that will help you deal with stress levels as well as referrals to the workouts we offer for free at that will help you manage your stress.

5). How both cardio and weight training help you focus on the task you are doing and help get your mind off of the things that are contributing to your stress. 

6). The benefits of adopting breathing and meditation as stress deterrent techniques and how this is also true for high impact type cardio exercises. Getting your heart rate up or slowing down through meditation both have significant benefits.

7). How often you should be exercising on a weekly basis to help make a difference in managing your stress. 

Thanks again for joining us today. Our hopes are that this helps inspire you to adopt a fitness regimen if you find yourself challenged by a stressful life.

It is proven that exercise can help with the demands that stress brings upon our bodies and minds and hopefully you find this true as well.

Til the next episode!

Team Meredith