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Podcast 229 – What Size Weights Does Meredith Use?


senior fitness with meredith

Choosing the right weight size when exercising is an important aspect when performing resistance training. Making sure you choose a weight size that is comfortable for the exercise you are doing can make the difference between possibly risking injury and building strength safely.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Meredith’s overall philosophy on weight training and the benefits of regular resistance training exercises.

2). Some of Meredith’s personal experiences in training clients over the years and how they responded to different weights and resistance bands sizes.

3). How weight sizes should be chosen based on your skill level and the type of exercises that you are performing.

4). Meredith’s thought’s on putting together the perfect “starter pack” for resistance and weight training and what would be included.

5). Meredith’s personal opinion on sharing her weight sizes and why it’s more important to focus on what’s best for YOU and how to find that perfect balance.


We hope the tips in this episode are helpful to you if you are struggling with deciding on what weight sizes to use during exercise. Making sure the sizes you choose are comfortable and safe is key to building strength properly and safely, regardless of what anyone else may be using.

Team Meredith