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Podcast 228 – How Multitasking Can Do More Harm Than Good


senior fitness with meredith

Multi tasking is the act of attempting to accomplish many things at once. Doing laundry, balancing your check book, doing the dishes, texting your family members etc. Trying to get many things done at once can make you feel as if you’re being productive but it can also take a toll on your mental, emotional and physical well being if it becomes the norm for your living style.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

1). Some of Meredith’s own personal struggles with multitasking and how it can affect people of all ages.

2). How living with modern technology like your phone can make you feel more anxious and like you’re not getting enough done. This can lead to multi tasking and trying to get many things done at once.

3). How the affects of having a shorter attention span impacts our attitudes on moving on from one task to another prematurely.

4). Why you may start to feel tired and overwhelmed when constantly trying to multi task on a regular basis and how this ultimately affects your overall health and well being.

5). Some of Meredith’s tips on managing the urge to constantly multi task.


We hope the tips in this episode help you realize that multitasking can be helpful but can also affect you in ways that will impact your overall health. We all want to feel accomplished with our days and doing so in a way that keeps you healthy and still makes you feel like you are checking off your “to do list” items is what’s important in the long run.

Team Meredith